Stack-The-Shelves Read-A-Thon PTO Fall Fundraiser


Whose Shelves will we stack?  Over the summer Munhall spent quite a bit of time, and money on a brand new book room for the teachers and reading specialists to use with the students.  We would like to see our classroom bookshelves looking equally new and exciting and have planned this new fall fundraiser.  A portion or the funds raised will go to the teachers and a portion will go to fund PTO events.


Read-A-Thon Fundraising?  While the point of any fundraiser is to raise funds for the school, we also want to inspire the students to push themselves to expand their reading skills. 


Set an obtainable goal with your child.  Do they typically read 10 minutes a day—perhaps they could stretch to 20.  Your child can then ask for pledges from friends and family for all the minutes they read during the week.  The funds will add up and your Mustang will be so proud of all their hard work!   


What’s our Goal? Our school fundraising goal for this fundraiser is $5,000.  Munhall PTO is asking each student to try and raise $20 for their reading efforts.  Perhaps a neighbor will give a quarter per hour read, or grandma will give $5 for a reached reading goal.    (Please no coins as our bank won’t take them.  And, online payments are always preferred. )  If each family raises $20 we will raise well over $5000!  WOW—that is a lot of books and events!



The real reward for this fundraiser is filling our students’ classrooms with exciting new books, but we wanted to give the kids an extra reward.  If we reach our goal of $5,000 Hermione Granger and the Cat in the Hat will appear at Family Reading Night on November 21st for fun photo ops, storytelling and general literary education. 



Let’s all get reading and STACK THE SHELVES!!!!  Click here to donate.


Click here to volunteer to help at Family Reading Night.

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