What are PatchTags?!


PatchTags are student rewards and incentives.  They are small embroidered patches that students can display on their backpack.


How do students earn them?

There are many ways to get a PatchTag!  Some ways students can earn them include leadership, good behavior in school, participation in events/clubs, and so much more.


Where do students display them?

On their backpack!  Students will receive a special key ring to attach to their backpacks.


Right now, all students and staff members that had a profile membership by November 23rd will receive a FREE Munhall Mustang PatchTag.  PatchTags will be delivered in January.


There's more!  KEEP your eyes open for more ways to expand your child's Patchtag collection with fun, limited edition patchtags you child can purchase for just $1.


They will be available for purchase online only for Lip Sync, Science Night, and won at Bingo Night.


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We are so thankful to our sponsors for their generosity!