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Popular Songs of 2018-2019


Munhall Elementary

22nd Annual PTO

Lip Sync

Friday, February 21st 7pm

Norris Cultural Arts Center




Student Council “High Hopes”:  Aiden O., Mia J., Audrey G., Audrey M., Miles P., Maria V., Haley L., Hallie F., Avi H., Rachel Z., Elaina A., Avery J., Ella N., James M., Francesca B., Madison M., Lily E., Savannah N., Mia M., Aleena A., Evelyn M., Averie F., Brady G., Izzy D., Lilli M., Ella M., Kate F.


Sucker “Sucker”:  Bennett A.,Ethan W., Ryan S.,  Michael M., Quinn G., Jake S., Connor Z.


5th Grade Girl Scout Troop 99 “Legendary”: Kate F., Elie M., Violet M., Aubrey D., Mackenzie C., Stephanie B., Clara B., Lilli M., Izzy D., Renee M., Addison G., Kate C., Aleena K., Natalie J., Daniella M., Olivia G.


Senorita “Senorita”: Avi H.,  Analea P., Alana M., Marianna F.


The Gold Squad “24K Magic: Allison J., Laura G., Valerie H., Camilla R., Samantha J.


5th Grade Choir “We Are the Champions”: Addison G., Anthony S., Aubrey D., Audrey W., Averie F., Clara B., Dean F., Ellah D., Isabelle D., Jillian E., Kate F., Lilliana M., Lily E., Lulu N., Madison M., Marlee N., Mia M., Nicholas R., Olivia G., Renee M., Savannah N., Sofia V., Sophia R., Stephanie B., Veronica L., Will W.


Rukavina Rock Stars “Can’t Stop the Feeling”: Sophie W., Jane S., Olivia B., Julia V., Naomi J.,

Emily D., Ashlyn S., Chloe A., Olivia J.


3 Rings “7 Rings”: Kaelynn T., Avery J., Kaitlyn F


BFF’s For Life “No Excuses”: Sofia V., Madison M,. Lily E.


Battle of the Ages “Battle of the Ages”: Tyler P., Will W., Audrey W., Sam W., Parker H., Dylan M., Aarnav P., Ben O., Charlie P., Nick R., Brady G., Lilli M., Kate F., Lulu N., Aricin B., Renee M., Cooper K., Presley K.


The Unstop-A-Bulls “Unstoppable” Elaina A., Isabelle D.,  Hallie F., Elizabeth G., Allison J., Samantha J., Haley L., Ella N.


When I Am Older “When I Am Older”: Lucille B., Anissa L., Claire R., Josie F., Annalise K


Brownie Troop 295 “I’m a Lady”: Amelia C., Gigi G., Harper N., Bryn T., Ava G., Anna P., Harper J., Camryn H., Alissa B.,

Emersyn D., Micah Y.


Emmett’s Awesome Stars “Everything is Awesome”:  Ben G., Michael P., Kayden K., Will B., Ben R., Sawyer D.


The Fourth Grade Dancers “Mom”: Leah S., Brynn E., Emma P., Rachel Z.


#4thgradefun “What Makes You Country”: Jack F., Carter N., Parker T., Jake W., Dominic S., Ryson F., Jack C., Liam P., Andrew M., Connor B., Lily P.


The Showmen “The Greatest Show”: Alex W., Grayson G., Reid V., Liam V., Henry D., Julian N.,

Andre W.


LINCA “The Git Up”: Nicole M., Natalie J., Clara B., Lila S., Averie F., Izzy D.


The Tiktokers “The Tiktokers”:  Emiliana G., Ever K., Sophia M., Maria V.


Some Things Never Change “Some Things Never Change”: Ryann H., Harper H., Lucille J., Victoria W., Grace W., Hayden M


Old Town Road “Old Town Road”: Jake S., Connor Z., CJ C., Nolan B., Jake H., William T., Henry J.


Fab Fourth Graders “Bad Guy”: Jaclyn E., Brooklyn S., Avery J., Brynn E. ,Emma P., Rachel Z., Elaina A., Courtney E., Hallie F., Leah S.


#Firsties “Dance Monkey”: Mackenzie E., Scarlett C., Kasey L., Sierra T., Chloe M., Madison A., Olivia B., Erin B., Mia E.


Panini Quennies “Panini”: Aricin B., Mia M., Presley K., Averie F.


Panic at Fortnite “Hey Look Ma I Made It”:  Miles P.,  AJ S., Carson C., Maximus A., Henry A., Fin B., Rocco Z., Nolan F., Aidan R., Charles C.


Stranger Things 4.0 “Never Ending Story”: Brooklyn S., Shane S., Domi S.


Zombie and Cheerleader Friends “My Year”: Amelia C., Gigi G.,Ben G.,Knox S.,Mia S.,Isla M.,Alexis L.,Sofia M., Charlotte J.,Audrey G.,Leah S.,Trevor S.,Mia E.,Brynn E.,Parker T.,Bryn T.,Harper N.,

Carter N.,Taylor G.,Mallory G.,Brody M.,Ryle M.,Ever K.,


Special Thanks To…



Munhall PTO

Munhall Staff

Munhall Student Council

Norris Cultural Arts Center

Mr. Buxton, Principal

John Mizanin

Mrs. Miller

St. Charles East High School Tech Crew

Mrs. Taylor

Paul Zaker


Enjoy tonight’s performance again and again!

We are pleased to have Zaker Video Productions professionally recording tonight’s performance.

Make sure your order is placed online by Sunday, March 1st!




Enjoy tonight’s performance again and again!

We are pleased to have Zaker Video Productions professionally recording tonight’s performance.

Make sure your order is placed online by Sunday, March 1st!






*If you enjoyed the Munhall Lip Sync and are feeling generous, please consider making a “drop in the bucket.” Our very own Munhall Student Council will be warming your exit with their smiling faces and eager buckets! Every cent dropped in goes right back to your child’s Munhall experience.  The PTO sponsors many programs including birthday books, field trips, classroom supplies, assemblies, and much, much more.

Thank you for coming!  

Be sure to join us for:

PTO Meeting in the LRC: Tuesday, March 10th 7pm

Science Night:  March 20th

PTO Meeting in the LRC: Tuesday, April 14th 7pm

 Basket Raffle/Bingo: Night April 17th

MunRun: May 1st

Kane County Cougars Night: May 8th

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