Munhall Lip Sync 2019 Program


Munhall Elementary
21st Annual PTO
Lip Sync
Friday, February 22nd 7pm
Norris Cultural Arts Center


 Make ‘Em Laugh!


Student Council “Baby Shark”: Adley W., Lily P., Domi S., Emma P., Parker T., Katherine K., Ella M., Presley K., Nicholas R., Kate F., Renee M., Isabella D., Cooper K., Tyler P., Noah D., Catherine W., Avery A., Gabriela P., Tessa M., Lexi S., Graham Z., Ben K., Angelina H., Addie S., Brandon W.


Food Fight “Lunch Lady Land”: Teagan S., Shane S., Tessa M., Domi S., Keegan G., Caitlin F., Avery A.

Kinder Mustache Men“If You’ve Only Got a Mustache”: Jake S., Josh S., William B., Jake H., Patrick B., William T., Connor Z.

The Breakfast Club “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”: Carla A., Elaina A., Isabelle D., Hallie F., Elizabeth G., Allison J., Samantha J., Haley L., Kasey L., Ella N., Brooklyn S.

Dancin’ Daddies “Dance Like Your Daddy”: Kate F., Elie M., Violet M., Aubrey D., Olivia G., Mackenzie C., Stephanie B., Sofia V., Isabela E., Clara B., Lily M., Ellah D., Izzy D., Renee M., Addison G.


No Work, All Play “Bang on the Drum All Day”: AJ S., Rocco Z., Carson C., Henry A., Nolan F., Maximus A., Miles P.


The Mustang Clubhouse “Hot Diggity Dog”: Tyler P., Will W., Parker H., Aarnav P., Nick R., Audrey W., Stephanie B., Madison M., Nicole M., Presley K.

The Gummy Cubs “I’m a Gummy Bear”: Kaegan H., Ryan H., Gary J., Colin G., William T., Danny M., Andre W., Julian N., Nolan F.

Shakers Dance Company “Shake It Off”: Lucille B., Annisa L., Olivia C., Julia M., Chantelle K., Maria V.


Eat It “Eat It”: Avery A., Bennett A., Connor Z., Graham Z., Rachel Z., Ethan W., Michael M., Nichole M., Quinn G., Keegan G., Mckay R., Ryan S., Alexa S., Jake S.


The Muggles “Can’t Stop the Feeling”: Grayson G., Reid V., Alex W.


The Lunch Bunch “Peanut Butter Jelly Time”: Ian C., Alexander A., Andrew M., Jack M., Brandon W., Zach P., Shomak T.

Sister Act “Minions Banana Song”: Mackenzie E., Kasey L., Jaclyn E., Haley L.


Dumbledore's Army “Potter Puppet Pals, the Mysterious Tick”: Avriana H., Avery J., Carter N., Analea P., Owen Z.


Mustang Shuffle “Mustang Shuffle”: Avery A., Keegan G., Alexa S., Lindsey G., Madeline C., Lauren T., Gabbi P., Alice F., Addie S.

The Sesame Girls “Elmo’s Song”: Emma P., Anna P., Brooklyn S.

3rd Grade Kids “Beethoven’s Wig”: Jack F., Carter N., Parker T., Dominic S.


Hamilton Heroes “My Shot” Evan B., Bella B.,Ian C., Caitlin F., Shaila G., Keegan G., Samantha L., Nathan L-M., Taylor L., Jack M., Gabriela P., Addie S., Alexa S., Teagan S., Lauren T., Madi W., Finnegan S.

Daisy Troop 295 “What Does the Fox Say”: Amelia C., Harper N., Gigi G., Bryn T., Alissa B., Micah Y., Camryn H., Anna P., Emersyn D., Margaret S., Ava G., Harper J.


3rd Grade Tacos “It’s Raining Tacos”: Rachel Z., Jaclyn E., Elaina A., Leah S., Courtney E., Hallie F., Brooklyn S., Brynn E., Emma P., Avery J.

The Tighty Whiteys “Tight Pants”: Lauren K., Avery K., Mia M., Addison G., Averie F., Aricin B.,
Presley K., Savannah N.


The Old Timers “Old Time Rock N’ Roll”: Anna P., Harper N., McKinley G., Lulu N., Sofia M., Lilli M., Mia S., Renee M., Evelyn M.

The Quackers “The Duck Dong”: Avery J., Nicole H., Kaelynn T.

Girl Scout Troop 410 “Boom Chicka Boom”: Lexi S., Caitlin F., Alice F., Addie S., Gabriela P., Samantha L., Madeline C., Reese K., Lauren T.

The New Trend “Witch Doctor”: Clara B., Aubrey D., Gianna L., Evelyn M., Nicole M., Renee M.


BlueMun Group 2.0 “Battle of the Babes”: Cam M., Jackson M., Michael H., Graham Z., Vince S., Liam A., Ryan P., Keegan S., Zach D.


Special Thanks To…

Munhall PTO

Munhall Staff

Munhall Student Council

Norris Cultural Arts Center

Mr. Buxton, Principal

John Mizanin

Mrs. Townsend

St. Charles East High School Tech Crew

Mrs. Taylor

Paul Zaker


*If you enjoyed the Munhall Lip Sync and are feeling generous, please consider making a “drop in the bucket.” Our very own Munhall Student Council will be warming your exit with their smiling faces and eager buckets! Every cent dropped in goes right back to your child’s Munhall experience. The PTO sponsors many programs including birthday books, field trips, classroom supplies, assemblies, and much, much more.

Thank you for coming! Be sure to join us for the PTO Science Night on 3/14 and  Basket Raffle/Bingo Night on 4/26


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