Munhall Lip Sync - Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is the Lip Sync?

A. The Lip Sync is a PTO-sponsored event that gives Munhall students a chance to perform on the “big stage” in a fun, non-competitive environment. Groups choreograph and perform two minute lip sync to a song that fits the theme. Costumes and props are encouraged.


Q. Who participates in the Lip Sync?
A. All Munhall students are welcome to participate.


Q. What is the theme this year?
A. "Songs Popular in 2018 and 2019".  


Q. Can my child do a Lip Sync alone?

A. Unfortunately, no. This is a “group” event. An act must have at least 3 participants. There is no limit to the number of performers in a group (as long as they all fit on the stage).


Q. Can my child be in more than one Lip Sync Act?

A. Yes! Your child may participate with up to 3 different groups (ex. classroom act, Student Council, group of friends). If your child is in more than one act, be sure you tell the adult contact as it will impact the dress rehearsal schedule and order of acts for the show.


Q. Does it cost anything to participate in a Lip Sync act?

A. No - performers get to watch the show for free too!


Q. Where do I register a group? Click here


Q. How do I get tickets for the Lip Sync? Are there assigned seats?

A. Tickets will go on sale via "My Forms/Paperwork" on the PTO website  from Feb 18-20 for performer's families with a 7 ticket limit per family, then tickets will be open to anyone.  YOU MUST HAVE AN ACCOUNT TO PURCHASE TICKETS.   Tickets are sold and seats are assigned on a first come, first served basis.

The Norris Cultural Arts Center auditorium has long rows of seats with no center aisle. There is elevator-accessible seating in the balcony and limited wheelchair accessible seating in both the main floor and balcony. It is critical that you order tickets early if you have specific needs for seating. This show historically SELLS OUT! Purchase your tickets as soon as they are available.


Q. I don’t know how to edit music. Is there someone who can do this for me?

A. Jaime Sjogren is happy to edit your music for you if needed. Email her with your information such as: song title, artist, and if you know the specific 2 minute section of the song you’d like.


Q. I still have questions about the Lip Sync. Who should I contact?

A. Last year 195 students participated in the Lip Sync. Ask around - friends, neighbors, and teachers - they’ll be a great source of information. Feel free to contact Jaime Sjogren with general questions and/or questions regarding music editing. Jaime Sjogren


Q. How can I see songs that have already been selected by other groups?

A.  Click HERE to see what songs have already been approved.

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