Lip Sync 2019 ThemeAfter School Enrichment (ASE)

February 4 - 14 -- 3:00 - 4:15 pm



The PTO is pleased to offer another year of exciting After School Enrichment classes! From Arts & Crafts, Sports & STEM and more. ...

We hope that these classes give our students an opportunity to try something new, improve a skill, or just have fun!


Classes will be held February 4th - February 14th from 3:00-4:15.  Below is a complete list of this year’s After School Enrichment classes, including grade levels and cost. 


This year’s registration will be on our PTO website.  At this time, you can browse the class descriptions below and check to make sure your PTO account has all of your family's information updated.





Registration will open Wednesday, January 23rd, at 7:00 pm.  Registration will close Monday, January 28th, at 7:00 pm. 


Registration is on a first-come, first serve basis and classes fill up fast!


Students may select a maximum of TWO classes when registration begins.  Once a class says "SOLD OUT", the class is full.  There is no wait list. 




This is designed to give all students a chance to register for classes.  Any classes that still have space after registration closes will be re-opened.  Please watch your email and this website for a communication regarding this.


If you have any questions, please CONTACT US


Please note that payment can be made on this website using a credit card or if you prefer, you can select “pay by cash or check”. Cash or check payments (written to Munhall PTO) should then be sent to school. 


Please see your email confirmation for important instructions on how to send in the payment.


volunteer opportunity

This event is not possible without the help of our parent volunteers.   Please consider volunteering just 30 minutes of your time to make this event a success.



CLASS Schedule

Monday 2/4 Tuesday 2/5 Wednesday 2/6 Thursday 2/7











Monday 2/11 Tuesday 2/12 Wednesday 2/13 Thursday 2/14












 SEWING - M&M Pillow 2-5

SEWING - Pillowcase 2-5 CHESS 4-5 BASEBALL 3-5


Class descriptions 

Baseball: Baseball Basics. Come out to have fun and learn basic baseball catching, throwing, and hitting skills with Saint Charles Youth Baseball!  Please bring a glove if you have one!

              GRADES K-2                    THURSDAY FEBRUARY 7                                         COST: $1

              GRADES 3-5                    THURSDAY FEBRUARY 14                                        COST: $1


Basketball: Come and learn the basics of basketball from our very own Mr. Bearrick.  Scrimmage games will be played in the gym.  Be sure to wear gym shoes and comfortable clothing.

              GRADES 2-5                    TUESDAY FEBRUARY 12                                          COST: $1


Breakdancing: The St. Charles North Breakers will present basic breakdancing moves, and participants will have an opportunity to practice these moves and even perform at the end of class.  Participants will need to wear loose, comfortable clothing, and gym shoes. 

              GRADES K-5                    MONDAY FEBRUARY 11                                           COST: $1


Broadway Jazz: Does your Munhall Mustang like to dance and be theatrical? Learn a short Broadway jazz based routine with props. Don't miss out on all the fun! Taught by Munhall Mom and dance teacher Jaime Sjogren.

              GRADES K-5                    WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 6                                      COST: $5


Canvas Painting:  Who doesn’t love cupcakes?! Join All Things Art Studio to create a step by step canvas painting of your favorite cupcake! OR design your own custom canvas- bring your ideas with you! Students will be led step by step by one of our instructors for unique cupcakes to create custom colored canvases with their own personal details! Dress for a mess- we will use paint!

              GRADES K-5                    THURSDAY FEBRUARY 7                                         COST: $9


Chess:  During this session, students will review the different chess pieces and moves.  Students will also have the opportunity to practice their chess skills against St. Charles East High School students.

              GRADES 4-5                    WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 13                                     COST: $1


Cookie Decorating: Learn cookie decorating techniques, such as flooding and marbling, and then use the techniques on Valentine cookies that you will take home.  This class is taught by Erika Englehart, Munhall mom!! *Allergy Alert-food used during this class may contain peanuts, tree nuts, eggs and dairy.

              GRADES K-5                    THURSDAY FEBRUARY 14                                         COST: $4


Cupcake Decorating:  The Party Kitchen will be teaching some basic cupcake decorating techniques.  Each student will learn how to decorate with buttercream frosting and make small designs with fondant.   *Allergy Alert - Ingredients will have wheat and dairy. 

              GRADES K-2                    MONDAY FEBRUARY 11                                         COST: $11

              GRADES 3-5                    TUESDAY FEBRUARY 12                                        COST: $11


Drama Improv:  Improvisational theatre, often called improv, is the form of theatre, often comedy, in which most or all of what is performed is unplanned or unscripted: created spontaneously by the performers.  Join the St. Charles East Drama Club and learn about this fun variety of theatre. 

              GRADES 4-5                    TUESDAY FEBRUARY 5                                           COST: $1


Emoji Poop:  Learn the basics of sewing while creating a Chocolate Swirl "poop" Emoji. This class is taught by Joann Fabric’s Cindy Beitzel.

              GRADES 2-5                    WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 13                                   COST:  $12


Foil Embossing:  Create an ancient looking design by embossing tin foil using hot glue, q-tips, and shoe polish!  This class will be taught by Munhall’s Mrs. Jontz. 

              GRADES 3-5                    TUESDAY FEBRUARY 12                                          COST: $2


German:  Guten Tag! Come to the German class and explore German culture and language while having a ton of Deutsch fun! You will be working with partners singing German songs and playing games.  This class is taught by the St. Charles East High German National Honor Society.

              GRADES K-5                    THURSDAY FEBRUARY 8                                         COST: $1


Kimmers: Students will learn about the creation of crazy ice cream flavor concoctions.  You will have an opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes at Kimmers!  A small scoop of ice cream is included in the price of the class. *Allergy alert: please call Kimmers with questions.   TRANSPORTATION IS ON YOUR OWN.  Meet at Kimmers.

              GRADES K-5                    MONDAY FEBRUARY 4                                           COST: $4

              GRADES K-5                    TUESDAY FEBRUARY 5                                          COST: $4


Lacrosse: River City Lacrosse staff members bring the game of lacrosse to the students of Munhall.  Participants will learn the fundamentals through a fun, interactive practice plan.  Players will be coached in the basic drills followed by games to reinforce teaching points of the day. 

              GRADES K-2                    MONDAY FEBRUARY 4                                           COST: $1

              GRADES 3-5                    TUESDAY FEBRUARY 5                                          COST: $1


Lego:  Come build and discover the world of Legos.  All you need is your imagination!  This class is taught by Munhall PTO alumni, Rick Windle. 

              GRADES K-5                    TUESDAY FEBRUARY 5                                           COST: $6


Logic Puzzles:  We'll talk about different types of puzzles and different techniques on how to solve them. So put on your thinking cap and join us for an hour of mind-bending activities.  Taught by Clark Barthel.

              GRADES K-2                    THURSDAY FEBRUARY 14                                      COST: $1

              GRADES 3-5                    WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 6                                     COST: $1


M & M Pillow:  Learn the basics of sewing while creating an M&M pillow. This class is taught by Joann Fabric’s Cindy Beitzel. 

              GRADES 2-5                    MONDAY FEBRUARY 11                                          COST:  $12


Nature STEM:  Make your hypothesis and we’ll test your science experiment skills to see if you can figure out how animals survive.  From finding food to staying warm and dry, can you outsmart nature?  Taught by Hickory Knolls Discovery Center. 

              GRADES K-5                    MONDAY FEBRUARY 4                                           COST: $4


Pendant Creation:  Join All Things Art Studio for an afternoon of creativity! This class is for all ages, boys & girls! Students will hand paint each pendant. They will have a choice of organza, hemp or satin ribbon to loop pendants on to.  To finish each piece, students will adorn the pendant with several options of many beads. Dress for a mess- we will use paint!

              GRADES K-5                    WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 13                                     COST: $9 


Pillowcase:  Learn the basics of sewing while creating a pillowcase. This class is taught by Joann Fabric’s Cindy Beitzel

              GRADES 2-5                    TUESDAY FEBRUARY 12                                            COST: $12


Pop Bottle Garden:  Kids will learn how to make their own mini greenhouse and care for it.  Taught by Heinz Brothers Garden Center.

              GRADES K-5                    THURSDAY FEBRUARY 7                                           COST: $6


Pottery Painting:  Join All Things Art Studio to create your own unique piece of pottery.  Students will learn the process & chemistry of glazes as well! Choose from several options including plates, mugs, and animals.  Students will handpaint each pieces with custom glaze colors.  ATAS will take pottery back to our studio, fire in our kiln & be returned to school at later date.

              GRADES K-5                    MONDAY FEBRUARY 4                                             COST: $14         

              GRADES K-5                    MONDAY FEBRUARY 11                                           COST: $14


Reptile & Amphibian Adventures:  Special guests from Hickory Knolls will visit Munhall to share the truth about slime verse scales.  Get a kick out of these cold-blooded critters that have skipped hibernating to come and play. 

              GRADES K-5                    TUESDAY FEBRUARY 12                                          COST: $4


Sign Language:  ASL (American Sign Language) is a complete visual and gestural language with its own grammar and syntax.  Learn a different way to communicate using just your hands, body and face!  Taught by the sign language club of St. Charles North High School.

              GRADES K-5                    TUESDAY FEBRUARY 5                                            COST: $1

Soccer:  The kids will learn some basic fundamentals of soccer in a fun and positive environment.  We will play small sided games, where players will have the opportunity to get maximum touches on the soccer ball.  We want to make sure that each player enjoys this time and gets a sense of team work as well as individual instruction.  Taught by Chicago Soccer Academy.

              GRADES K-2                    MONDAY FEBRUARY 11                                         COST: $1

              GRADES 3-5                    WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 13                                  COST: $1


Suncatcher:  Create an amazing suncatcher (or two) from glass stones and some common household materials with Mrs. Jontz!  Don't forget that you will take the pieces home the following week, once the pieces are dry.

              GRADES K-5                    TUESDAY FEBRUARY 5                                           COST: $3

Tae Kwon Do: Basic skills of self-defense concepts and techniques will be taught.  This is a hands-on learning experience for kids that is also lots of fun!! This class is taught by Bill Cho of St. Charles. 

              GRADES K-2                    WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 6                                      COST: $4

              GRADES 3-5                    WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 13                                     COST: $4


Ukulele:  In this strumtastic class, for 5th grade students only, Mrs. Hammons will teach the ukulele chords to a Disney favorite, which students will later perform as part of the 5th grade performance in May.

              GRADE 5                          THURSDAY FEBRUARY 7                                         COST: $1


Valentine’s Day Planter:  Valentine’s Day Plant Gift for the Ones You Love.  Your child will paint a planter and pot a small flowering tropical for a great Valentine’s Day gift from the heart.  Taught by Heinz Brothers Greenhouse.

              GRADES K-5                    THURSDAY FEBRUARY 14                                         COST: $11


Volleyball:  Club Fusion Volleyball is one of the nation’s top volleyball clubs.  They offer multiple program tiers for every level of player and focus on individual player development.  Join Club Fusion Volleyball to learn some basic volleyball skills.

              GRADES 3-5                    WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 6                                         COST: $1

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